About Me

I'm an award-winning journalist and filmmaker with a consuming curiosity about the world and the stories people have to tell. I've travelled to the Middle East, South America, Europe and Asia and enjoy food, film, flamenco and faraway places. My deepest desires are to keep learning and to expand my creative expression.

"Adventure is worthwhile in itself*"


I’m a multimedia storyteller and writer with many years experience as a journalist, working as a reporter, writer & producer for the internet, radio, TV, and print publications.


  • A freelance director/writer/story consultant involved in interactive creative storytelling.
  • Director and Writer-for-hire. Specialties include personal profiles, travel and food.
  • Part-time writer/editor CBCnews.ca

My honours/awards:

  • 2013 Best Narrative Prize, World Arts Festival in Florida for “Travels With My Brother”
  • 2012 National Screen Institute Canada Fearless Female Directing Prize for “Travels With My Brother”
  • 2011 DOCshift Interactive Pitch Prize for "AutismLand"
  • 2009/2010 Quebecor/ Documentary Organization of Canada Fellowship
  • 2008 pitch winner at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival ("Travels With My Brother")
  • 2005 Rendezvous Pitch winner at Hot Docs ("Twin Trek")

Past Experience:

After getting a Bachelors of Journalism (Honours) from Carleton University in Ottawa, I went on to become a writer/editor for the Canadian Press. Soon after, I took a job as an editorial assistant in the national radio news room of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Since then, I have been:

  • A radio writer/broadcaster in Newfoundland
  • A current affairs producer at CBC radio in Ottawa
  • A daily news and features TV reporter for CBC in Ottawa (4 years)
  • A chef/host on the 1st season of “The Great Canadian Food Show”
  • A consumer, news, health and arts writer for CBC Online
  • A freelance writer who has been published in magazines and newspapers
  • A columnist
  • An arts feature writer for Canada’s most progressive news site – rabble.ca

Outside of my working life, I've feasted and fested in more than 40 countries, including those in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and South America. I'm a food enthusiast who also loves film, photography and flamenco dancing.

* Amelia Earhart