Travels With My Brother

Travels With My Brother

Travels With My Brother is a 16-minute live-action/animated documentary exploring the relationship between Vas, a high-functioning autistic man, and his older sister Christine, who will one day be his guardian. Through a series of conversations circling on love, family, art, desire and destiny.

Artwork of Kate McQuillen/O'Born Contemporary

Artist probes surveillance and limits of privacy

One day, Kate McQuillen was shopping at her local Home Depot, in the market for a six-inch pipe among other materials she needed for her work. As she made inquiries to an employee, the man looked at her and asked: "Lady, are you making...

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Masaharu Morimoto: An Iron Chef with a soft spot for sushi

Masaharu Morimoto loves sushi, not only because the food represents Japanese cuisine at its finest, but because of childhood memories. Morimoto, the 52-year-old star of the Iron Chef series on the Food Network, has a more profound connection to sushi than you could...

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We are Hockey

We are Hockey

When I heard about the NHL players' lockout, I was saddened - much to my surprise. I've spent my life avoiding "Canada's game." I don't play it. I don't watch it. Yet, the game is lodged in my subconscious. The game was a big part of my childhood. When was growing up in Calgary, my mother...

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Citizen Autistic

Citizen Autistic

CITIZEN AUTISTIC is an interactive storyscape using live-action video, audio, music and animation, that puts people in the shoes of autistic adults to experience how they perceive and relate to the world.



For the most recent updates to my work and porfolio please check my LinkedIn profile



Two articles! Documentary reviews. First about the world housing crisis and gentrification and 3 Hot Docs film reviews.


WINTER 2018/2019

Two articles! First, a children's book about a Flamingo trying to find friends in Berlin and I reviewed an award-winning documentary What Walaa Wants.


FALL 2018

The latest EMPIRE OF DREAMS feature podcast is about Longing for a Place You've Never Been and I was the OUTREACH MANAGER/COMMUNICATIONS person at the Institute for Canadian Citizenship's 6 DEGREES BERLIN a unique forum produced in Germany for the first time about inclusion/belonging with support from the Canadian Embassy.



My lastest article for Berlin's VISUAL THOUGHTS online magazine is a review of C/O gallery's Talents winner Stephanie Moshammer and I wrote about a travelogue/comic book investigation on Alberta's tar sands featuring award-winning comic artist Joe Sacco.


My EMPIRE OF DREAMS podcast is featured on the Paris-based Serial Culture podcast! (last part, after interview) and I wrote my first piece for Berlin's VISUAL THOUGHTS online magazine about visual artist/filmmaker Lucas Marxt.



My EMPIRE OF DREAMS podcast is now offered on iTunes! and I wrote an article about Edmonton's queer Muslim poet and artist Nasra Adem.



My EMPIRE OF DREAMS podcast asks ex-refugee Mostafa, now fluent in German and a university student, What is home for you now? and I wrote a VICE piece about a photographer's 4-year global journey to create the ATLAS OF BEAUTY of women from everywhere.



My latest EMPIRE OF DREAMS podcast travels from Canada to Berlin and asks What is Home? and I write about an animation film that dips ramen noodles in decolonization.


FALL 2017

My latest articles concern a Canadian curator's Slavery Reparation 3-month theatre festival in Berlin and a graphic poster project that re-imagines Canada's history from diverse perspectives.



We have posted the pilot episode of "Empire of Dreams" - about the journey of humans through time, space, geographies & cultures. LISTEN to our 14-minute feature and follow us on Facebook.


June 2017

My latest articles concerns Germany's Indigenous appropriation through the literary character of Winnetou and Justin Trudeau's digital media mastermind revealing how Trudeau won the Canadian election through social media.


March 2017

Lots of interest in my Toronto Star piece about the Poutine Man of Germany and his search for the perfect curd and, I was featured in Air Canada's enRoute magazine in March for my Berlin neighbourhood recommendations!


January 2017

Fresh start! Here's to grand adventures and new stories. Speaking of which, some Yahoo articles I did:

Spoke with a Calgary granny, 81, who tattooed 'Don't euthanize me' on her arm.

On the same subject, Inuit tattoos are coming back in vogue.

Late last year, I spent a long time on a feature about Canada's Indigenous reconciliation and how Germany memorialized The Holocaust, amazing parallels here.

And, then a warning from the International Criminal Court: it's going to train its judicial eye on environmental crimes.


Fall 2016

It was a busy early fall for Yahoo News stories, first I covered the Trudeau brothers: interviewing Alexandre Trudeau about his new China book while I asked Europeans about their admiration for big brother Prime Minister Justin.

Meanwhile, readers also got to meet five Canadians vying for the chance to go into space and one engineer gets to see his creation used for a NASA mission.


July 2016

Travels with my Brother nabbed 2nd Prize in the prestigious AutisMovie international film festival! Only 2 awards are given, judged by a panel of individuals with autism. What an honour.


June 2016

I've done many more articles for Yahoo News, including one about being gay and indigenous (read about the drag queen recording artist) and Robb Nash, the incredible soul preventing suicide in teens


April 2016

I've written many stories for Yahoo Canada News. You can read about the rise in homeless seniors and the professor who's suing the federal government over its Saudi arms deal.


January 2016

Some of my features for Yahoo News include a report about being Stateless in Canada and a Q&A with the 1st native woman to head a law school